Seamless Style: Transitioning Your Holiday Decor for New Year’s Eve

New-Years decor

The holidays are such an exciting time to transform your home into a winter wonderland. We bring out the reds, greens, reindeer and garland – but many of us are at a loss for how to transition our decor for New Year’s Eve, especially if hosting a countdown celebration. This year, we’re here to help you embrace refined glamour, modifying your decor to feel both festive and fresh. Bringing in metallics, sparkles and champagne tones, and layering them for a luxurious and elegant look, will guarantee you ring in the new year in style.

How to Repurpose Your Tree

New Years tree decor

You don’t need to put away your tree just because Christmas has come and gone; it can easily be repurposed so that it can stay up well into the new year. A simple ornament swap can revamp its look entirely. Exchange those red and green ornaments for silver and gold ones, or even layer some crystal ornament enhancers (literal jewelry for your ornaments). Metallic garlands are another expert way to transform your tree into the most perfect ball drop backdrop.

When in Doubt, Add Shimmer

New Years sparkle decor

New Year’s Eve is arguably the most celebratory holiday of the year, and what says celebration more than embracing glitz and glamour? If there’s ever a time to get away with going over the top, this is it. Fringe, jewels and everything shiny might as well be the official decor of New Year’s. Make a champagne tower go the extra mile by adorning it in fringe. Create your table centerpiece out of embellished ornaments atop taper holders. Add gold twinkle lights to any empty space. There are no rules or restrictions – this is a time to embrace your maximalist side.

Highlight Your Areas of Focus

Instead of decking out your whole house as you would for the earlier holidays, New Year’s Eve decorations can be concentrated in the areas you and your guests will frequent most. The bar is the star of any New Year’s Eve gathering. Framing it in metallic garlands or gold ribbons will draw extra attention while also adding festive flare. Also a hot commodity will be your serving station. Whether you’ve organized a formal dinner, or are just offering hors d’oeuvres, presenting food on mixed metal serving trays and ornate bowls will set the scene for the elegant theme.

Greenery Still Has a Place

Chair swags, outdoor greenery and wreaths can still breathe festive charm into your home after the holidays. While lush evergreen-inspired greenery is a Christmas favorite, those designed for New Year’s tend to be made from ornaments, brooches and tinsel. Hang on mirrors throughout your home, on the back of dining chairs or on your front door to signify that it’s time to celebrate a new holiday.

We can’t wait to see the ways you transition your home decor for New Year’s. Share your photos with us on Instagram by using #frontgate. Happy holidays!

December 10, 2022