5 Unexpected Ways to Decorate with Ornaments

If, like us, you collect new ornaments year after year, you may have maxed out all your tree’s available real estate. Don’t worry – we’re sharing our top five creative solutions for showcasing your most cherished, artfully adorned baubles all around your home.

1. As part of the place setting

What better way to give a hand-embellished ornament the attention it deserves than with a seat at the dinner table? Take this a step further by adding a tag to the end of each ornament with a guest’s name for a festive take on place cards. Guests will marvel at this clever spin, and – should you want to create a truly memorable gathering – you could gift them the ornaments as a sign of gratitude.

2. Displayed as dessert

Is there anything more captivating on a holiday table than dessert displayed under the allure of a cloche? Capture that look and feel without the hours spent in the kitchen by swapping out sweet treats for ornaments. Present this display on its own or alongside the real goodies at the dessert table. Your family and friends will swoon at this whimsical take on a holiday staple.

3. Filling vases and lanterns

Any glass container can perfectly showcase your prized heirlooms. For closed-top vessels like lanterns, carefully flip the container and delicately place ornaments until almost filled. Before flipping back over, place a book or piece of cardboard on top that you can easily slide out once upright. These vases will be the perfect addition to those spaces in your home in need of a little holiday cheer, like the kitchen counter or bookshelf.

4. As a stunning centerpiece

This ultra-striking centerpiece is easily achievable even if you only have a few prized ornaments left to showcase. For round tables, simply fill a single bowl with solid-colored ornaments, then layer with more embellished beauties. For large rectangular tables, run a long, shallow bowl down the center of your table and fill with a variety of bulbs. Chose colors that are featured in other components of your tablescape for a cohesive look – it will be a guaranteed conversation-starter.

5. Hung on a chandelier

Ornament _ Chandelier

If you thought your chandelier couldn’t get any more glamorous, think again. Hanging ornaments around the base creates a suspended eye-catching display. The chandeliers in your foyer and above your dining room table warmly invite this high level of embellishment. Go for classic round bulbs for uniformity, or use different shaped ornaments in the same color palette for extra playfulness.

We know you have your own unique ways of showcasing holiday ornaments. Show us by following @frontgate and sharing your photos with #frontgate. Happy holidays!