New Year, New Home


A new year calls for new beginnings – a time for a fresh start. We make resolutions to renew our sense of self, but we often overlook the opportunity to renew our homes. As the holiday season comes to an end, it’s the best time to shake off the holiday dust, reevaluate our spaces and start anew..

Embrace the Change

New Year New Home

There seems to be a seismic shift that occurs inside our homes after the holidays. Our spirit and our culinary choices change – so our decor needs to change too. This is a time to engage all your senses. It’s the time to swap festive decor for clean, simpler elements and brush away all that leftover glitter and loose pine needles. Return your kitchen to its original state, waving goodbye to the gingerbread and eggnog until next year. Stash those festive throw blankets, and replace them with equally cozy neutral styles. Replace fresh cut balsam candles that smell like Christmas for winter scents such as snow-kissed cranberry or cashmere clove. And dip your toe into spring by starting bulbs inside; they’ll be ready to move outside when the time is right.

Invite a Rearrange

New Year New Home

What better time to bring feng shui into your home than the beginning of a new year? Create a balanced aesthetic by taking on the art of placement. Arrange furniture in a way that feels free-flowing and harmonious. Creating a clear walking path around furniture will make your mind and movements feel less cluttered. Additionally, flood your rooms with natural light whenever possible; lighting has a way of lifting our moods and combating some of those late-winter blues. And since guest season has come and gone, now is the perfect time to get your guest room back to its multifunctional roots. Whether your spare room doubles as a workout spot, storage space or office, get back to making use of its functionality.

Do a Material Exchange


It’s still the season for being warm, cozy and cooped up inside. But as we all start to press the reset button, lightening things up becomes priority. Fall tends to bring warm and dark shades into our homes that stay through the holiday season. In January, set those aside to make way for softer, cooler tones. Change out your curtains for a more translucent textile that lets the light in. Replace chunky knit throws for smaller, subtle textures. Set your sherpa throw pillows aside and let smooth cotton take the spotlight, while rich velvets can be exchanged for bouclé.

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