Design with Frontgate: A Holiday Table For A Texan

Design with Frontgate: Breshell West

They say everything is bigger in Texas, but influencer Breshell West felt that her family dining table was missing that mark. With the holidays right around the corner, she was looking to wow her friends and family with a festive tablescape designed to the nines. In need of some assistance, Breshell visited the Frontgate store in Plano, Texas, and met with designer Talia to discuss her vision for bringing her holiday table to its full potential.

Vintage Elegance Meets Holiday

When seeking Talia’s expert advice, Breshell described her style as “vintage elegance.” She explained that she is drawn to items that are unique and timeless, but that also bring a “wow-factor.” To adhere to her self-described style, as well as to keep with her existing decor, she wanted her new items to maintain a gold color palette. Breshell and Talia worked together to choose items that strayed from the traditional red and green holiday theme and instead honored Breshell’s unique aesthetic.

Design with Frontgate: Breshell West

An Upgrade for the Whole Family to Enjoy

The primary reason Breshell elected to give her table a makeover was to enhance the memories her family will create around it. While dining tables are family gathering spots, they also have a reputation for becoming drop-zones in the home, collecting all manner of objects. Breshell thought by giving her table some attention, she and her family would think twice about cluttering it – and it worked!

Another reason for the West family’s upgrade was that Breshell said she “want[ed] to make a point to have family dinners in the dining room.” Having a decorated and inviting table will help serve as a reminder for the Wests to gather as much as they can – even though with two children under 2 that’s often easier said than done.

Making Dreams Come True

Breshell knew her dining room needed a holiday makeover, but she was at a loss for how to take on the project herself. She said the best part of working with Talia at Frontgate was: “hands-down taking what I once thought was a pipe dream and having it come to life”. She said that one of her most loved features within her home is the dining room window but admits that she never found the right pieces to highlight the space. “[I] didn’t even think about hanging a wreath in the window with a garland on top!” she said. Recruiting the help of Frontgate’s Design Services helped turn her dreams to reality. “Talia really took the space and elevated it to a whole new level,” Breshell said.

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Photo Credit: Breshell West

December 10, 2022