How to Choose the Right Vanity

carved wooden vanity

With everything in its place, enjoying your “getting ready” routine is easy. And whether your daily rituals entail a detailed step-by-step regimen or skew more toward “a swipe of mascara and go,” our vanities will help optimize your routine and get your day off to a great start – even if you haven’t had your morning coffee yet!

You’ll start daydreaming about how to organize your new vanity when you learn about all the features available.

The Ultimate Vanities

It may seem vain to put the word “ultimate” in these vanities’ names, but they’ve truly earned the title. If you’re prone to collecting different types of bronzer and have mastered your blowout routine, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one of our ultimate vanities.

We’ll start with the hidden features. A hot-tool drawer equipped with four salon-style ventilated aluminum cups lets you keep curling irons and flat irons close at hand. Worried about dangling cords? Our designers considered that and included a concealed grounded power-strip to manage the cords (and a ventilated bottom to prevent excessive heat).

Next up: the storage. (Oh, the storage!) Three compartments were designed to accommodate the height of hairbrushes and taller product bottles. One side of the vanity top opens to reveal tackle box-inspired organization for cosmetics and beauty tools. The center of the console top opens to reveal a very helpful mirror – and velvet-lined storage for jewelry. Two side drawers are also velvet-lined for the safe stashing of more delicate items, like fine jewelry or perfume bottles and creams.

Desk-style Vanities

While these vanities may have fewer bells and whistles, they have other desirable features suited to those with a simpler morning routine (and those who like to switch things up). Despite their modest profiles, each one offers a little something extra. The Etienne Writing Desk drawers have removable tray inserts, which allow easy use and easy cleaning should you have any makeup spills. It also matches our Etienne Nightstand and Dressers, if your style favors coordinated furniture. The Morgan Inlay Writing Desk features brass leaf-inspired hardware, two drawers and a flip-down center drawer that accommodates a keyboard. The Serafina Writing Desk features a fold-down middle drawer and a side power strip to power all hair tools. And because of their slim profiles and versatile looks, all these pieces can be used as desks or entry consoles in addition to vanities.

The Finishing Touches

While the vanity is the main character in a get-ready routine, there are still some essential supporting characters to consider. Perhaps the most important of all is a good mirror, and when you’ve completed your routine – whether three steps or 23 steps – a floor-length mirror is necessary for admiring the final product. The Loren storage mirror is not just floor length – it’s a jewelry lover’s dream come true. It has three boutique-quality neck forms for holding and displaying necklaces, plus 33 interior hooks and storage compartments.

The Loren Jewelry Cabinet is the ultimate in jewelry storage. The antiqued mirror detailing on the exterior pairs with an equally impressive interior. With antiqued mirror detailing on the exterior, the interior is equally impressive. Loren’s drawers feature anti-tarnish velvet lining, while side compartments contain 16 hooks. For a grand reveal, the top lifts to reveal an interior mirror with – you guessed it – even more storage.

Et voila! All that’s left to do is choose the vanity that suits your needs and style, pair it with a vanity stool, and start cherishing your morning routines. Show us how you organize your vanity by following @frontgate and sharing your photos with #frontgate.