10 Tips to Prep your Patio for Spring

Frontgate Spring Patio Checklist

We wait all winter for the weather to warm and patio season to return. As we look eagerly ahead at spring’s arrival, there are a few things we can do to get our backyard prepped for all those outdoor gatherings that are right around the corner. So, start to uncover that furniture, get pool gear ready and sit back to embrace all that spring has to offer.

1. Get ready to dive in

It won’t be long before it’s time to pull back the cover on that pool and dive in. Be proactive by organizing your pool house or storage area and bringing essentials like towels, pool floats, chaises and games to the front. This way, when that first warm day rolls around, you can easily grab what you need to soak up the sun.

2. Take stock

Remove covers from furniture, dust off outdoor decor and take stock of what needs to be revitalized. We give our outdoor furniture winter blankets to hibernate until the next year. When the flowers start to bloom, uncover those beauties, and clean them off in preparation for alfresco dining season.

3. Give your space the green light

Often overlooked is ensuring outdoor lighting is ready to be turned on with the flip of a switch. This is your friendly reminder to replace light bulbs and consider new outdoor lighting for evening entertaining. Go through and make sure there aren’t any string lights with burnt-out bulbs or battery-operated lanterns that no longer work.

4. Get in bloom

Faux florals are a great way to elevate your patio before your garden is in full bloom. Consider adding a pop of color to your backyard this spring with wreaths, garlands, urn fillers and faux botanicals.

5. Freshen up your heat source

Uncover your firepit and get rid of all that leftover ash and debris. Similarly, if you have a fire table, make sure your propane tank is full and ready for those springtime gatherings. No fire table? No problem. Consider purchasing an outdoor heater for added warmth on those cooler spring nights.

6. Prep for backyard beverages

It’s 5:00 somewhere, and it’s time to get your patio ready for outdoor cocktail hour. Stock your bar with all the essentials, from barware to beverages, so you can showcase your bartending skills without the burden of carrying everything out all at once.

7. Material refresh

Give cushions and pillows a wash and freshen up outdoor upholstery by wiping away any dirt leftover from last year. This is also a great time to update pillows and consider replacement cushions. Bringing in brighter colors or floral prints will make your outdoor space feel perfectly on trend with the spring season.

8. Get cooking

With warmer weather on the way, it’s time to get your outdoor kitchen set. Stock your cabinets with essentials and make sure your grill is in working order. If it’s been a while since you grilled out, now’s the ideal time to do a little fine-tuning to ensure it fires right up when you’re ready.

9. Roll out the rugs

Outdoor rugs are the easiest way to define your space and create a fresh foundation, so make sure to get yours ready when you’re getting your patio back in order. Once the rug is down, everything else will fall into place.

10. Grab the umbrella

Prepare for the season ahead by getting that umbrella ready for long days spent in the sun. Make sure to consider all the spaces you’ll need protection, from poolside chaises to outdoor games. You want to make sure you and your guests always have access to shade.

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