How to Host a Winning Game Day Party

Is there any better excuse to throw a party than watching the big game? From football playoffs to basketball championships, sporting events are the perfect way to celebrate and bring everyone together. Even non-fans can enjoy the electrifying environment that arises every time a good game comes on. So, if you’re hosting the next game day, follow these tips to make sure you don’t fumble on the big day.

Best Seat in the House

There’s nothing worse than trying to watch a sporting event that you can’t actually see. Having multiple viewing stations is one of the best ways to ensure everyone has a clear view of the game. For overflow viewing, consider erecting a projector outside; this will also distribute the guests so your living room doesn’t get too crowded. Equally as important as having enough TVs is having ample seating (even though with all the excitement, huddling up will be inevitable). Most of your guests will congregate on or around the sofa, but having bar seating in line with the TV will be a welcomed option. Folding chairs are also crucial to have on hand when you’ve underestimated the number of guests. Be sure to arrange them so you create a clear walking path.

Team-Themed Decor

What separates any old gathering from a party? The decorations, of course. The best place to start is the first place your guests will see as they arrive: your porch. To set the tone for your guests, grab a wreath or urn fillers in your team’s colors, or fill planters with lush greenery topped with footballs or basketballs for a festive display. Bring the decorations inside by serving food on plates in the team colors. Roll out a tablecloth in that easily recognizable black-and-white-striped pattern for the perfect way to tie the theme together. Accentuate your decor by setting up small chalkboards with hand-drawn plays around serving stations. When it comes to game day decor, it’s the small details that really go the extra yard.

Food at the Forefront

Everyone comes for the game – but they stay for the food. Casual finger foods are traditional for viewing parties. Think of foods you would get if you were to attend the game, then put a sophisticated spin on them and make them fit for a crowd. Be sure to have the right equipment to keep your food hot or cold so you can sit back and enjoy the game after all the food has been prepared. And since beer and football are a classic pairing, it’s a necessity to keep an ice bucket with cold brews on hand. Since beer isn’t everyone’s preference, having a signature cocktail helps to please the masses. The cocktail you serve is yet another opportunity to be on-theme. Lean into the team’s colors when crafting your mixed drink, and your guests will surely be impressed. Lastly, since no one should be left wondering where the food and drinks are, make sure they are accessible and within sight.

Keep the Entertainment Rolling

Whether it’s before the game, after the game or during halftime, there will be times when extra entertainment is desired. Having games available will help bridge those gaps in the big game. Whether it’s a competitive game of table tennis, a mindless session of tic-tac-toe, a round of darts or a tournament of pool, having games on hand is a simple way to keep everyone happy and engaged – plus it will keep the party from the ever-dreaded fade-out. These games can also serve as a fantastic icebreaker for guests who aren’t yet acquainted, as well as for children who are less than enthused to be watching the game.

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