Live Beautifully Outdoors

As the first hint of spring trickles in,

a behind-the-scenes kind of excitement begins to build here at Frontgate. There is something of the rustle and energy of opening night. All because the curtain is about to go up on our new outdoor furniture collections.

Sometimes years in the making, every piece of Frontgate’s outdoor furniture goes through a meticulous process of development and planning, testing and refinement. And when a piece is finally unveiled, there’s always a shared excitement.

One of the truths we live by here at Frontgate is the famous Charles Eames quote: “The details are not the details. They make the design.” Among the dazzling details in our 2014 outdoor collection: an eloquent hand-carved daybed of pure teak; a hand-painted Italian tile table, made of travertine from ancient Roman caves; the gorgeous verdigris finish (hand-applied in three separate steps) on our new Campaign collection.

We can’t wait to share it all.

“The details are not the details. They make the design.”

It All Starts with Craftsmanship

Fine craftsmanship has always been a cornerstone of the Frontgate brand. And since the longest journey begins with a single step, the first thing we do is simple. We put ourselves in your shoes. As we become our own customers, we ask questions like: what is the most comfortable arm height for this chair? Could I sit here comfortably for hours? Will the cushions retain their color and withstand the elements?

The end result is a product where the quality is palpable. You can see it in the heft of the teak and the detailed dimensions of a casting. It’s a level of craftsmanship that begins just where it should…with the finest raw materials. You’ll find premium-quality ingot aluminum, solid plantation-grown teak and all-weather wicker that’s still hand woven.

And since our end goal is always clear – furnishings that will enhance your life season after season – our insistence on quality goes far beyond what the casual observer might see. It includes thoughtful details like the gauge of the aluminum walls, the strength of the welds and joinery, the stability of a wicker’s weave.

Have a Seat

Grand-scale, deep seating is one of the hallmarks of our outdoor collections. By bringing 21st century technology to the art and science of getting comfortable, we’ve created cushions that are both supportive and soft every day you own them.

All the cushions in our furniture collections are constructed with high-resiliency foam core – a state-of-the-art polyurethane with an extremely high rebound factor. This translates into years of support without ever sagging. Balancing all this firmness, each cushion’s core is encased in a soft inner wrap, creating a seat that’s appealingly comfortable all day.

Color Changes Everything

Because all Frontgate fabrics are solution-dyed – meaning the color penetrates all the way to the fabric’s core – you can count on that pop of color staying pure and vibrant year after year. This creates an uncommon kind of color-fastness. In today’s world, dyes are usually added only to the surface of fabrics, which is why they fade and wash out over time.

This year, you can create a look all your own with sixty-six custom high-performance fabrics, designed in collaboration with the finest American mills, like Sunbrella®.

Inspiration is the Spark

If craftsmanship is the foundation, a collection’s point-of-view is the spark that brings it to life. Imagine yourself, for example, in one of the light-filled courtyards and loggias of Italy, scented with the tang of lemon trees. Our new Roma collection was designed to express that same Italianate clarity, those spare and elegant proportions.

The Cassara collection, on the other hand, evokes a California coastal vibe in satiny solid teak.

Then there are the timeless lines of our new Charleston collection – all-weather wicker that evokes the deep porches and romantic walled gardens of its namesake city. At the heart of each is a beautifully articulated point-of-view that adds up to inspired living for you.

A First Look at the Season

Our 2014 collection makes it easier than ever for you to design your own outdoor dream space. There are lots of stars in this particular firmament. Here are a few.

The French connection. Our new Campaign collection marries the cast iron ornamentation and restrained campaign furniture that came into vogue in 19th-century Paris.

Your day in the sun. Soleil, the innovative new daybed and ottoman create an irresistible oasis for one.

Curves ahead. The beautifully contoured Balencia Chaise…as seen at the world’s finest resorts.

Shaken, not stirred. It’s a phrase that captures the quintessential cool of midcentury American design…just like our Anders collection. It’s understated and hip, with a charismatic point-of-view.