The Top Ten Ways to Keep Your Cool

The dog days of summer have checked in and are planning to stay a while. So, why not enjoy them? The key is keeping your cool, even with soaring mercury and wet-blanket humidity. We all want you to enjoy every last second of our favorite season. So we put together a list of our absolute favorite ways to beat the heat. Ready, set, chill.

Made in the Shade

The summer sun packs a punch, and a little respite from its rays is always welcome. Whether you want to lounge in your favorite chaise, sit down to lunch fresh off the grill, or sip something cold, an umbrella or pavilion is just the ticket.

10′ Square Side Mount Umbrella

Abri Pavilion

Hoseless Portable Dry Mist Fan

Aviator Misting Fan

Don’t Sweat It

If the humidity is high and the air is sticky you may need to call in reinforcements. A cool blast from our misting fans lowers outdoor temperatures by up to 30°F.

Treat Yourself

One of summer’s greatest joys revolves around savoring something cold and sweet – whether it’s a cone heaped with a scoop of your favorite ice cream, a crisp, fruity punch, or a tropical cocktail. So serve up something homemade – and take your treats to the next level.

Cuisinart Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker

Durachill Beverage Dispenser

Margaritaville Bali Frozen Concoction Maker

A Toast to the Good Times

Come summer, you never need an excuse to enjoy a drink served at just the right temperature. Whether you’re pairing white wine with dinner, relishing a bottle of brew, or enjoying a nightcap, it’s all about the big chill.

Tommy Bahama Cooler

Super Chill Wine Cooler

Optima Beverage Tub

Portable Ice Maker

There you have it. 10 essentials for a summer spent soaking up the sun, whether you’re parked poolside, or throwing an unforgettable soiree.