Bar stools can be found throughout the home – from the kitchen to the bar or game room. And what was once just a simple wooden seat has evolved. Now, with hundreds of silhouettes and countless combinations of finishes and upholstery, it’s easier than ever to pick out the perfect bar stool.

Of course, making a purchase involves more than just searching for your favorite style. Here are a few guidelines.

First, grab a tape measure, you’ll need to know your bar or counter’s height, width and depth.

Choosing a Height

A beautiful bar stool isn’t of much use if it doesn’t fit under your counter or bar. So start by measuring your bar or counter’s height. Make sure to account for legroom when choosing a size. And if you find a dining chair is the right height, there are countless choices to suit your needs.


Measure the width of your counter or bar to determine how many stools you’ll need. You’ll want to leave enough room between each bar stool so you can sit comfortably without feeling crowded and get up with ease.

Just Your Style

Bar stools come in myriad styles, from old-world pub to contemporary café and tropical resort. You can buy pieces that blend seamlessly with your space, or you can use them as an exclamation point in your decor.

Explore a multitude of styles in each of four design groupings:


Strong lines and classic profiles, with beautiful upholstery and details.

Kent Bar Stool


Relaxed yet refined, with flawless functionality and tropical touches.

Bali Bar Stool


A fresh take on the laid-back lifestyle. Stately profiles with a contemporary spin.

Marseille Bar Stool


Sleek and sophisticated. The glamorous union of design and detail.

 Fulham Acrylic Bar Stool

Also, how and where your stools will be used can help inform your decision. If they’re for the kitchen, look for stain-resistant upholstery. If you plan to place them in a sunny spot, metal and kiln-dried hardwoods will withstand the changes in heat, light and humidity.


As stylish as they are functional, Frontgate bar stools combine premium craftsmanship with the finest materials. From sturdy, handcrafted frames to beautifully upholstered seats and chair backs, you’ll find uncompromising quality in every detail. Shop our collection of high-style bar- and counter-height stools to find your perfect fit.

April 30, 2013