What’s Your Game Room Style?

Dax Pool Table

There’s nothing like a decked-out game room to transform a normal evening at home into a special event. But since everyone’s idea of the perfect “stay-in night out” is different, we’ve put together a quick quiz to help you figure out exactly what type of game room is right for you.

1. Your ideal evening at home would be …

a. Enjoying a few drinks with friends

b. Having fun with your children or grandchildren

c. Playing multiple hands of poker while your chip stack grows and grows

2. When it comes to games, you’re …

a. Just looking for a way to pass the time

b. All about the fun – you don’t care who wins

c. Winner take all, baby!

3. What’s your favorite game?

a. Darts

b. Air hockey or table tennis

c. Poker and other card games

4. The best games are …

a. Low-key and casual

b. Full of action and excitement

c. Based on skill and strategy

5. While playing games you like to munch on …

a. Pretzels and peanuts

b. Pizza and buffalo wings

c. Nothing, snacks just distract you from your game

6. What are you drinking while you play games?

a. Fine wine or your favorite mixed drink

b. Soft drinks or freshly made lemonade

c. Nothing but the finest Scotch, of course


Home Bar

You’re looking to create a game room where everybody knows your name, so how about a home bar theme? Games like darts, crokinole, and even our oversized Wall Scrabble are great ways to pass the time while enjoying your favorite beer, wine or spirit.


Family Game Room

A family-focused game room is the perfect way to create a relaxing and entertaining space that everyone can enjoy. Classics like air hockey, foosball and table tennis are a hit with all ages.


Poker Room

Hosting a weekly card game is one thing, but having a dedicated poker room takes it to the next level. For starters, ditch the flimsy card table and folding chairs and upgrade to our Montgomery Game Room Furniture. The innovative table has a rotating top that flips from dining surface to game surface in seconds. The matching chairs are upholstered in top-grain leather for exceptional comfort all through the evening.