A New Look at Your Favorite Tree Trimmings

Celebrate holiday glamour with satiny ribbons and jewel tones.

Cherished memories. Unpacking the holiday ornaments, heirlooms, and figurines brings them to life every year. To see these precious pieces in a whole new light – and to avoid a decorating doldrum – let your traditions evolve with a few simple changes.

find your filler

Ornaments, collected over the years, are often quite varied. One simple “filler” element can harmonize disparate styles. After hanging the ornaments on the tree, find a single embellishment that reflects your overall style. Try plumes of feathers, swathes of ribbon, or oversized bows to create a feminine look. Sprigs of shimmering faux blooms, glistening berries, and glittered branches infuse nature-inspired glamour. Unexpected botanical embellishments, such as magnolia leaves, introduce vibrant dimension. Use the same filler throughout the house to create a cohesive look.

separate ornaments by style

Sift through your ornaments to find pieces that share the same materials, shape, or style that would complement the décor of a specific room. A collection of delicate blown-glass ornaments made for German feather trees could be placed on a lightly flocked tree in the bedroom. Handpainted wooden ornaments or flat metal engraved ornaments, with shapes that call to mind cookie cutters, would look charming in a kitchen. To create an even more cohesive look, hang all the ornaments with the same ribbon.

Mixing finishes and designs creates interesting, eye-catching trees.

or separate by color

Pick out various styles of ornaments and trim from the same color family – such as shades of pink, hues of brown, gradations of white and cream – and concentrate them in one area. Use them solely on a tree. Place them in a clear bowls and vases. Hang them from greenery. If you have a few holes, use your filler item to help complete the look.

rethink your spaces

The simple art of rearranging can refresh your holiday décor. Perhaps a Nativity scene that has always gone beneath the tree moves to the mantel, while a collection of figurines finds a new home on a bookshelf. The kid’s handmade ornaments can dress the greenery on the banister leading to their bedrooms. Have fun playing with new ideas. Mixing up your customary style and placement of holiday décor can help you see your keepsakes in a whole new light.

August 7, 2014