2014 Hampton Designer Showhouse


Designer: India Hicks

There are many designers who want to make real statement choices and points of view. And I’m not so interested in that. I’m much more interested in it being one with the nature around or if it fits in. I’m a very traditional designer when it comes to making statements.

I’m India Hicks, and welcome to the Hamptons.

A project like you see today, I really look at the surrounding area. Mother Nature, I’m a big believer in that. She’s such a good designer; she does a lot of my work for me. I like natural textures. So you’ll see here today a lot of what I’ve done is with wood. It’s with softer textures. It’s making it feel comforting and inviting.

I grew up in an environment where there were tables that were not to be touched; there were sofas that we couldn’t sit on. My father would say, ‘never sit on that.’ You would go directly to the hard chair. You couldn’t sit on the soft sofas cause you would ruin the look of it. I don’t live like that. I live in a much more relaxed way.

Out here today, I want sun lounges that are solid and made well. They feel luxurious and yet at the same time, you’re not afraid to leave them in the rain or roll them around to a different position.

“I think that’s good. I think that’s very functional and clean.”

I’m definitely not a designer who wants to make people sit up and feel sometimes shock or awe or just make a point of view, not at all. I want my design that people just, they naturally feel “I want to come and sit down here and relax by this pool.”

The way I design is so that I think that, how are the kids going to destroy this? Are there going to be dirty feet on the white linen? Will the dogs be crawling up on top of this? Will there be dirt and filth everywhere? You really have to be aware of allowing places that your kids can be, so they’re comfortable and at the same time, I really care about how my home really looks, so again it’s balance.

Choosing the collection here today was hard because there are so many wonderful designs. I’m very detail oriented. The edge of a cushion is very important to me. The way the chair is lined up is very important to me. I like things to have a textured feel and a layered feel. And I think that you get that by putting unusual things together. I think what I wanted to do here was bring the garden to life so that it was much more about the plants and the surroundings rather than the furniture. The furniture was very low key. And again comfortable, inviting, the soft wood, the easy color scheme, but definitely coming back to me. Making sure that I’m comfortable in the environment that I’m designing. An entirely selfish way of designing.

Poolside in the Hamptons: You’re invited to Frontgate’s favorite space

India Hicks, International Designer

The poolside is the heart of the Hamptons’ luxuriously laid-back lifestyle. It’s the place to while away an afternoon or dance beneath the stars, enjoying a vintage from a local vineyard or fresh berries from Sagaponack.

This year Frontgate was delighted to furnish this coveted space at the 2014 Hampton Designer Showhouse, open now through Labor Day in Bridgehampton. Presented by Traditional Home magazine, it displays the talents of premier interior designers from across the country, including India Hicks. This internationally renowned designer selected our iconic Charleston and Cassara Collections to bring the Hamptons’ lifestyle to the expansive pool surround.

Situated just steps from the classic shingle-style home and edged by a manicured lawn, this is the heart of the outdoor entertaining space. It has to flawlessly fit whatever a summer day brings, so Hicks created two versatile seating areas.

A tidy row of Cassara Chaise Lounges, accompanied by Cassara Half Moon Tables and Round Outdoor Market Umbrellas, create a spa-like space with equal amounts of sun and shade, plus smooth wheels for easy adjustments.

“Out here today, I want sun lounges that are solid and made well. They feel luxurious and yet at the same time, you’re not afraid to leave them in the rain or roll them around to a different position. I think that’s good. I think that’s very functional and clean.”

For Friday cocktails, late-night chats or Sunday afternoons with a book, there’s an intimate seating area that is separate, but not removed, from the rest of the poolside. Mimicking the Hamptons’ ubiquitous hedgerows, a line of boxwood topiaries wraps around our Charleston collection, bringing a private garden feel to the gathering space.

For Hicks, it was important for the poolside to connect with the environment, and guests, so she was careful to choose luxurious cushions, premium materials and natural textures like teak and wicker. While exuding welcoming warmth, the all-weather construction can gracefully withstand the spills and splashes of life, and seasons of use. Groupings of Seville Lanterns and boxwoods in Natural Teak Planters extend the poolside ambience to the perimeter, echoing the flicker of fireflies and emerald of the lawn.

But this isn’t the only Showhouse space that has the Frontgate touch. If you’re vacationing or attending the Hampton Classic nearby, stop by the Showhouse or check back here for a virtual look at how designers incorporated our style.

August 7, 2014