Natural Beauty: The Stunning Realism of Our Trees and Greenery

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree …  your branches had better be lovely. Because you are the centerpiece of celebrations, the symbol of the season. And you should last – and bring joy – for years and years.

At Frontgate, that’s why we’re so passionate about creating the world’s most beautiful Christmas trees and greenery. We invest countless hours researching tree and foliage types, and then developing and testing each product … because there should be no shortcuts when creating the perfect holiday.

Let’s examine what sets Frontgate trees and greenery apart.

Striking Realism

Our trees and greenery are impressively lifelike … right down to new-growth needles and nuanced color. When recreating a species, it’s not enough to just do research: We create foliage molds using branches and tips found in nature. We were the first to do so, and we continue to do it best. Three-dimensional polyethylene needles most closely approximate real tree tips. Our trees and greenery items have higher tip counts than our competitors, and each item is densely arranged for a lush, natural look that fools the eye.

Most Brilliant Lights

The show starts with hundreds (or thousands!) of commercial-quality lights, each meticulously hand-strung for maximum exposure. Mimicking the look of traditional incandescent bulbs, the 10,000-hour LEDs on every tree are brighter than average bulbs. Their long-lasting nature means you’ll never have to worry about blown fuses or replacement bulbs.

Easy Assembly

Each of our trees 7½ feet and taller has easy one-cord assembly, meaning you can set it up in less than three minutes. (Don’t forget to fluff it afterward!) With technology integrated into the pole, you simply plug in the tree, and snap the lightweight sections together; the lights activate as you insert each section. No additional coupling, wiring or cords are required. So you can spend your time dressing the tree and hanging ornaments.

Lasting Quality

We design each element of our trees to meet incredibly exacting standards. Which is why each comes with a limited three-year warranty on foliage, frame, tips and lights. For you, this means lush, beautifully authentic trees that set up easily and remain stunning season after season.

Explore our TREE & GREENERY GUIDE and shop CHRISTMAS DECOR to learn even more details about what makes Frontgate the finest in the field.