We’ve never met a dog that didn’t enjoy his fair share of naps. So, while the family’s furriest friends are pleased with lots of belly rubs and treats, a bed that’s comfy and attractive is the real key to their heart. We tapped some of our favorite Insta-famous dogs to take our pet beds for a spin so you can easily find the one that suits your pup’s style.


4-year-old Goldendoodle

Guilty pleasure:
Binge-watching Pupflix and snacking on pupcorn.

The bed:
Comfy Couch Pet Bed

Why he loves it:
Comfy! I can curl right into the wall of the bed.


2-year-old Dalmatian

Guilty pleasure:

How he naps:
Late morning and late afternoon, preferably with a human nearby and in a ray of sunshine.

The bed:
Stewart Plaid Dog Bed (no longer available; shop similar Contempo Lounge Pet Bed)

Why he loves it:
I love to feel cuddled when I sleep, and this bed’s plush high sides let me rest my head. Plus, my humans love the way this bed looks in our home.


Maltese, age 5 and 3 respectively

Guilty pleasure:
Cheese for Kylie and turkey bacon for Khloe. We both love to indulge in belly rubs … does that count as a guilty pleasure?

How they nap:
All the time. We’re usually found snoozing in a pet bed.

The bed:
Moderno Pet Sofa

Why they love it:
Room for two! We can snuggle when we want and also have our own space without being too far apart.


4-year-old French Bulldog

Guilty pleasure:
Chewing up mom’s favorite heels. Winking at boys. Lounging in anything plush.

How she naps:
The time to nap is always! Early to bed, midday siesta and post-breakfast power nap, always in my bed.

The bed:
Velvet Lounge Pet Bed (no longer available; shop similar Wentworth Tufted Dog Bed)

Why she loves it:
It’s super soft and stylish.


3-year-old Doberman Pinscher

Guilty pleasure:
Barking at squirrels in the neighborhood park.

The bed:
Divinity Orthopedic Bolster Bed (no longer available; shop similar Studio Orthopedic Bed)

Why she loves it:
I love to sleep with my head on a pillow like a human … and this bed comes with my very own built-in pillow!

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