FRONTGATE TRAVELS: goat.sheep.cow. Gourmet Cheese Shop

When our team traveled to Charleston, South Carolina, to shoot garden-inspired pieces from our latest outdoor collection, we turned to the creative duo behind gourmet cheese shop goat.sheep.cow. to style charcuterie boards for our photo shoot (it should be noted these charcuterie boards were so appetizing that they almost didn’t make it to set without a few missing bites here and there.) After getting to know friends and founders Patty Floersheimer and Trudi Wagner, we knew the interesting story of how goat.sheep.cow. came to be shouldn’t be kept to ourselves. It’s the story about how a former clothing designer and Wall Street banker, respectively, created a must-visit artisanal cheese shop in the heart of one of the country’s greatest culinary hotspots.

FG: How was goat.sheep.cow. born?

PF: goat.sheep.cow. was born on February 13, 2012, the way lots of good ideas are born – around a dining table covered with empty wine bottles. The basic concept was there but the generation of the name was helped along with all that wine.

FG: Had one or both of you always dreamed of doing something like this?

PF: To tell the truth, I don’t think either one of us imagined ourselves in this business. Sometimes an opportunity just presents itself.

FG: What has been the most surprising part of your experience creating this business?

PF: I think the biggest surprise was finding out just how much our customers loved our little shop, almost as soon as we opened our doors. It’s regularly on the “tour” when they have visiting family and friends.

FG: What is your favorite part of working with guests on your one-of-a-kind charcuterie board presentations?

PF: It’s so rewarding to know that we’re a part of many special occasions and to see their faces light up when they see the outstanding, luscious catering boards our staff creates!

FG: How do you hope somebody describes their experience with goat.sheep.cow.?

PF: We’ve always held to the credo “under promise and over deliver.” It’s a delight to get feedback from our customers about how easy we make it to host a dinner party. Likewise, it’s so flattering to hear from people visiting Charleston about how much their hometown needs a goat.sheep.cow.

FG: Beyond the obvious, a cheese board in a class of its own, what does an evening of entertaining look/taste/sound like in your home(s)?

PF: As informal as our lives have become in many other aspects, we still set a somewhat fancy table, complete with cloth napkins, good china, glassware and candles – lots and lots of candles. We love to entertain, and we’re careful about inviting people who understand and appreciate how precious our time off is. We’re lucky to have a fabulous group of friends and family, and whenever we gather around our dining room table it proves to be a laughter-filled (often bawdy!) good time. Abundant good food and wine are not in short supply here!

FG: Tell us a little about the boards you created for us.

PF: For the boards you provided for us to fill, we wanted to let them be the stars, rather than the supporting cast. (Sometimes less is more!)

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