Engage your Senses with the latest Canyon Ranch Collection by Frontgate

Canyon Ranch knows the value and importance of looking at health holistically—from all angles. That’s why we’re proud to continue to expand the Canyon Ranch® Collection by Frontgate—artfully crafted home and personal care products that can add a sometimes overlooked and underappreciated part of wellness to in your daily life.

Canyon Ranch Shower Spa Mist

“So often I speak to people looking for one pill, one strategy to help them be at their best. True wellness, though, is about a collection of influences, a big part of which is regularly doing things with the intention of cultivating joy.”

“So often I speak to people looking for one pill, one strategy to help them be at their best,” says Param Dedhia, M.D., a physician at Canyon Ranch in Tucson. “True wellness, though, is about a collection of influences, a big part of which is regularly doing things with the intention of cultivating joy.” This may start as doing something just for the sheer enjoyment of it. But when such moments are an integrated part of healthy living and intentions, they deliver something much more powerful. “Even seemingly small pleasures can create pathways that allow us to awaken the body and mind, and the root of this is the gift that comes when you call on your five senses,” says Dr. Dedhia.

What we hear, see, feel, taste and smell are a great part of living, and the more ways you can submit such information to the body, the more the body responds. The peace and satisfaction born from smelling a lovely candle or slipping into a plush bathrobe can be therapeutic and leave you with greater awareness of the worth of nurturing yourself in other ways. But, notes Dr. Dedhia, “engaging your senses also renews and strengthens pathways in the brain that can affect you hormonally and neurologically, bringing about healing and rejuvenation and leaving you feeling more robust and vibrant.”

It’s all about surrounding yourself with opportunities that make sensual moments part of your daily flow. “Create and celebrate them, and you will see how your senses anchor your experiences and allow you to go deeper into them to reap the most reward,” says Dr. Dedhia.

Gravitate toward what resonates with you—the fragrance of our Lavender Dreams Pillar Candle or Pillow Mist; the beauty of our Natural Marble Bath Accessories; the touch of our Turkish Bath Towels.

Canyon Ranch Turkish Cotton Honeycomb Bath Towels

Canyon Ranch Herringbone Sateen Matelasse Bedding, Herringbone Dobby Sateen Bedding and Cotton Ribbed Cableknit Throw

Or explore these newest additions to the Canyon Ranch Collection® by Frontgate.

Relish the inviting feel of our Herringbone Sateen Bedding sets. They are woven of the finest Egyptian cotton sateen to a 400 thread count; you’ll look forward to slipping back into your bed each night just to sense their softness against your skin—an experience, Dr. Dedhia says, that also helps set the stage for good sleep. “People think of sleep as a very passive time. It’s actually a very engaging one,” he says. “You want to create an inviting setting that you look forward to being in. As your connection to it grows, so too will your level of relaxation and restoration.” The included duvet and shams feature an alternating herringbone and satin stich pinstripe pattern that pairs well with everything from solids to prints, making them an easily incorporated addition to your calming bedtime sanctuary aesthetic.

Our Herringbone Matelassé Coverlet and Shams only further convey the quality and detailed attention expected from Canyon Ranch. This proprietary bedding, produced by a 100-year-old family-run mill in Portugal, epitomizes understated elegance, with luxurious long-staple combed cotton and jacquard woven matelassé. Double mercerized cotton delivers a soft hand and lustrous sheen that are pleasant to the touch and the eye. “There’s something about things that come from nature, like cotton,” notes Dr. Dedhia. “There’s a certain wisdom that they bring and, on some level, we inherently know and respond to that. They are time-honored.”

Arctic white peat, aloe, avocado oil and other antioxidant-rich, organic ingredients are the stars of our Red Flower Nature Skin Care Gift Set for this very reason. This natural skin care collection is a toxin-free solution to restore aging skin to optimal health. Ionizing Vita Flower Mist tones and balances with the penetrating power of pure plant hydrosols and whole essential oils. Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream replaces the natural loss of collagen and elastin while also minimizing broken capillaries and stretch marks. Lymphatic Phytopower Sea Cleanser and Masque delivers a surge of moisture that replenishes the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines. Illuminating Rose Collagen Renewal Face Serum activates cellular renewal and enhances collagen production. Enjoy their fresh scents, the way they smoothly glide onto your skin and how supple your complexion feels when your self-care routine is done.

Prepare a cup of hot tea. Savor the herbaceous flavors, the soothing aroma; feel the steam against your face. Play some music that speaks to your heart and curl up with our Cotton Ribbed Cable Knit Throw made of premium long-staple combed cotton woven. Envelop yourself in this delicious comfort.

Red Flower Nature Skin Care Gift Set

Enjoy these moments of heightened awareness and sensory delight, and find more ways to create a personal world of luxury and well-being by exploring the entire Canyon Ranch Collection® by Frontgate.